Warcraft 2 Battle.net not working! Version

New to the forums but not new to Battle.net or Blizzard.

I just found out about the GOG version of Warcraft 2. Just downloaded it and went to play battle.net and it says I need to download a newer version. It will not allow me in. I have googled and found a few things. The following I have tried:

  • My ISP is opening ports 6112 - 6119 tonight. (Hopefully this will work)
  • I ran a modify/repair with no luck
  • Reinstalled the game

Any help is appreciated. Just an FYI I literally just found out about the WAR2 site and the GOG version this week. I have been playing via my old CDs of the game modified with DOSBOX. So really excited to get this up and running. I played battle.net with my battlechest edition back when it first came out.

I tried looking through the forum for this and I may have missed it but didn’t see anything.

Appreciate the help!