Warcraft 2 Battle.net game settings bug

When hosting games on Battle.net the settings are not properly saved over to the next game.

Steps to reproduce:
Host a map using high resources, fixed order, not one peon only game leave and create a new game, do not change the settings and create. Although the game shows high resources it actually wont be and players only will notice after the game started.

Expected behavior:
Remember and properly set the settings according to the last hosted game.

The battle.net /r command is also missing and players just connecting to battle.net are sent to new empty channels even if there are other players online.

Maybe Blizzard should contact the people over at the war2ru private server apparently they know how to make the game work and keep providing updates for it on a regular basis. If Blizzard does not care about it’s legacy maybe they can at least let people that do, do it for them? I am pretty sure they would agree to share all their work if only asked for it.

Anyways that is just one bug out of a 100 picked directly from the WC2 forum that apparently mods are not monitoring since there has been literally adverts for bank investing plans in there for months…

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I have no idea where to post this concern, lol So I’m desperately posted it in this reply in hopes that someone can help…

To Whom It May Concern:
Hey! I’m playing World of Warcraft and am doing the The Splintered Fleet quest, and am on Stage 2: The Eternity, where I have to Shoot down 30 Skyfire Gryphons. I’m aiming, targeting, and shooting, but nothing is happening (not killing them). My friend is having the same issues. It seems it may be bugged or something because I also watched a tutorial on youtube with this quest and I’m doing exactly what the video was doing, only no gryphons are dying. No points. Its a huge bummer because I think this quest leads my Demon Hunter to one of his artifact weapons, which i was really looking forward to :frowning: Any advice on how to fix this would be awesome. Thanks for your support!

Sure my best advice concerning World of Warcraft is to uninstall the program (and canceling or not renewing your subscription), then I recommend heading to GOG 's website and buying and downloading Warcraft 2 from there, on the bright side at least quests do not break on Warcraft 2 and enemies are always possible to kill. As of today the game still works perfectly and has not been butchered or “reforged” like some like to say so at least there is that.
If you however really want to play cash grab World of Warcraft the dedicated forums for it are not here and I am pretty sure if you google “world of Warcraft forums” you wont miss the proper place to post your issue.

Happy to help!