Warcraft 2 battle net edition screen size

I have a problem that the screen size is super small, known fixes for that?

Does anything happen if you do Alt-Enter?

If it works (or not), can you stop back to say so?

No it dosent work, tried that

Could try this… dont know if it will work for your situation. Worth a shot.
Github cnc-ddraw

It kind of works, no i can play in windowed mode and stretch out the screen. thanks :slight_smile:

The there ia some short cuts noted on the repository webpage. Alt +enter should work

With game window active (clicked in), Alt-Enter doesn’t work?

It’s important that the game window be the current active window.

No it does not work at all im having the same issue and I just tried that and made sure it was the active window.

Are you using the Battlenet downloaded version without any modifications to it?

Yes i am. I paid for it, installed it, had this issue.

On the github page linked below, do “Patch #4” to see if that helps.

FunkyFresh’s patches

Thank you, I will try that as soon as I get home from work, and I will let you know the outcome