Warcraft 2 2023 Wishlist

We just entered the beginning of 2023 so first of all happy new year everyone.

Here is a list of things that should cost relatively very low resources to do and that would greatly improve the state of this game today and for the years to come:

  • Fix Nat ports opening requirements and also IPV4 requirement to prepare for players slowly getting IPV6 from their ISP. Please if there is one change alone that has to be made it is this one…
    As of today I know at least 3 players that just cannot play the game Multiplayer at all because of that issue and that number is only going to grow…

  • Fix the last game hosted setting save so that it remembers and saves the last game settings properly. May look like a small bug but it gets annoying pretty quickly when the game shows you a resources setting and ends up being another after game starts.

  • Fix the bug that creates empty channels for players connecting to battle.net. Put players in one channel and if that channel is too full then only create another one.

  • Add missing battle.net commands such as /r for answering the last whisper sent /users to see how many players are online etc…

  • Have a backup server for authentication so that if the server is unplugged because an intern wanted to power his game-boy we don’t have a week of downtime until someone sees there is a problem to be fixed there.

I am not going to go over all the cool spectator modes and other cool stuff that fans have made over the years on private servers for the game. Blizzard could just bring them over to their game for 0 efforts I guess (all these requests I just made are also fixed over there so maybe have a look as to how they did that idk).

Anyways Blizzard owns the rights to one of the greatest RTS of all time and the fact that it still sells for 10 bucks on GOG to this day after 25 years is just incredible. Many indie games don’t have that high a selling price today yet the neglect for this title is unprecedented.
Maybe if it is so hard to sell new titles today it would be a good move to take a little more care to your legacy. Look at what the care Microsoft put into AOE2 DE brought them for their new titles.

Maybe if Blizzard took better care of their old stuff players would be more willing to trust them for the new ones…

On that note have a good year and let’s hope we see some positive changes for Warcraft 2 this year!

You can always play with us or watch us play on my twitch/trogallart, have a wonderful year Warcraft 2 people!