War2BNE was working yesterday but not today

Multiplayer War2BNE was working yesterday from the bnet launcher/server.
Today it wont let me past the login screen. Says incorrect password and losses connection with boot to network menu???
So I uninstalled and reinstalled… wont even load, gives me Direct Draw Error.
Can connect fine with GoG install + gog cdkey… not Gog+ bnet launcher cdkey. Same thing happens as above, incorrect pw and boot to menu.
I can only assume we are having issues with the authentication system?

somebody said that the issue is in the missing registry key, maybe blizz techs will see this message

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Mine was doing the same thing last night. It is now working again.

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wish mine was… i will have to try at home on PC in a weeks time.

Bump for vision. I recently got through forwarding my ports and was excited until I hit this wall. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow?

When I try and create an account it thinks for almost a full minute before displaying the error, ‘you could not be logged on to the server with that account. Please try again later.’ If I try and log in using the account I just created, it tells me I have an incorrect password and I immediately lose connection to bnet and get kicked to the menu. I know it sees I made an account because if I try and remake an account with the same name, it tells me that the account already exists.

Blz pls fix!

Hey SenorDB
Post your Bnetlog.txt please. I want to see if it is the same as mine.

I’ve just now started getting these errors too. Something might be going on on the server side. What makes me think so is that new accounts can’t be created either. So this sounds like it’s not on the player’s end. We may need to hang back and see if it resolves.

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Responded to your post


Hey SenorDB,

I was able to log into Battlenet a few hours ago. Is it working for you again?

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Checked just now. Works again! Thanks for keeping us updated Leviathan.