Waiting for a server when I only play single player

To preface, I hate online games. After spending all day around people game time is how this introvert recharges. I wanted to check out the beta to see how Diablo 4 fares from a single player perspective.

You are not off to a very good start.

Completely agree. It’s like they didn’t learn anything from the Diablo III launch where we got lag while playing single player. Online only and server queues are not acceptable for single player game modes. They need to change this immediately for the main game launch. I’m considering canceling my preorder and asking for a refund. I really hope the devs are listening.

Apparently there is no solo game mode. I’ve already uninstalled.

Unfortunately it won’t let me post a link to their own forums, but there’s discussion going on in the D4 forum.

They never said it was an offline game, or solo only, are people upset about that or something?
You can play by yourself, though.


Yes. I haven’t been following the news or anything. I just knew there was the next iteration of a game series I’ve been playing since the late 90’s, a game series I have always played solo. I’m a bitter old man, I don’t like people, and I don’t play online games.

Is what it is, I guess. You all have fun.

It IS DUMB to have a game you can play solo not have an offline/solo mode that does not queue but just lets you play. This is not an MMO… hell it is only 4 player. So you should be able to play single player and none of that should go up to the cloud into the multiplayer connection for use.

This is 2023 and other games do this just fine. Blizzard is just a dumpster fire anymore so we get burning trash as product.

Ohwell… I can’t wait to watch the 100’s of Twitch and YT streams ripping on Blizzard for this cr@p.

refund will do nothing
seems the company feels it can treat millions of people like trash and sadly you will never be able to do anything about it. i suppose life just isnt fair.

no excuse for this from a company with seemingly endless resources and with no moral compass. there doesnt seem to be any responsibility for being in a position where millions of people are interacting and experiencing your product, like this is an inherent responsibility and its completely absent

i think its dangerous how so many companies these days are essentially allowed to do whatever they want. its like a criminal who has a dangerous weapon. there is no way this server issue is legitimate. everyone knows exactly what they are doing. simple crooked marketing technique. crooks all around. but sadly i will still play this game because there is nothing else to play. i kind of enjoy being abused. and there is really nothing anyone can do. oh well

Trust me I’m not a big fan on forced interaction, to me it’s a solo game with a chat room attached, but the last time there was an offline Diablo game there was rampant cheating, I’m sure that’s not the only reason to have it online only but I’m sure that’s at least part of it.

They can simply enforce that offline game characters and inventory are not available in the online mode. Then if a person “cheats” or hacks the game they are only cheating themselves.

I get queue but this is Blizzard and at one point if not still the largest MMO game company running. So why do these issues even exist if we are all forced to play online???

Can’t imagine that we beta testers are the some total of the number of ppl who will be playing this game eventually… and this kind of BS will for sure gather many many bad reviews from 100’s of streamers already.

beta or not - soft launch or not… negative attention is what makes views anymore.

What does cheating matter in an offline solo player game? If on my copy on my machine I want 10x drop rates I should be able to do that. I accept that in this online era I can’t, but I worked 60 hours this week and I maybe I don’t have the time, energy, or attention to grind at per-defined rates.

I am totally with you… Solo should be offline and who cares if they cheat/hack/change how it works. It matters to no one if it’s only on their computer anyway…

Give us offline/solo mode and since we dont need to be in queue that relieves the pressure there for those playing online in teams and such!

Win Win!

It’s possible it’s just not something you can do given your specific circumstance, this is the day and age of games being pirated, etc. Blizzard is a large company and I don’t think they’d like their games being pirated, I won’t get into the moral aspect of it but that’s a reason most games are online only now.

Until it markets itself as a solo game, I won’t get mad at it for being online, I can’t.

Yeah, it’s my fault for not being informed. Thankfully I got a demo code with the intention of checking out the solo experience and did not purchase. Will be keeping my money.

I have yet to have a problem playing the game as a single player. What exactly do you mean when you say “there’s no solo game mode”?

Shared overworld, towns, etc. When they said dungeons and such could be private I thought everything could be private. You know, like the three previous games. I don’t want to see other people. Gaming to me is not a social experience. It’s how I recharge and the last thing I want is other people around, even if it’s just running across my screen, let alone if they try to interact or start killing things.

Chalk it up to my introversion, anxiety, and mental illness if it makes it easier to understand, but this ruins the experience for me. Makes me uncomfortable and impacts immersion, severely detracting from any escapism I would have enjoyed.