VPN Ban Timeline

I’m fairly confident I’ve been banned for accidentally connecting from a VPN. Boy it’s pretty sad that there’s no warnings about this on login…

Can I get an estimate of when my ban will be lifted? The Botters are getting off easy (Clearly look at bnet) while we’re sitting here banned for accidentally connecting while trying to keep our connections secure on a public network, I mean come on…

The restriction duration is exactly two weeks from the last time you tried connecting with the VPN active.

I just don’t quite remember when it was, It’s been a couple days of research before I came to this conclusion

You will not extend the duration trying to connect as long as the VPN is off.

TheDarkJedi is right about this, NFLD. As long as you avoid the behaviors at this link, it won’t refresh the restriction:

Your restriction lasts until the evening of the 21st of September, however. You should be good to log in by the 22nd.