Voice chat on the mobile app

Me and my friends like to use the Battle net voice chat to hangout even if we’re not playing any games so it would be great to have voice chat on the mobile app so I don’t have to be on my PC all the time


I totally agree I can connect my audio to my phone easier than my pc cause I don’t have multiple mics that work well. Please Blizzard put VC on mobile app.

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Same here.
My buddies and I have messenger/whatsapp/etc chats, but I don’t want to spam those when just a few of the guys are playing diablo, for example.
Some nights I can’t play if I have chores or work to do, but it would be amazing to join in on the game banter and feel included.
And that means being away from the PC.
Mobile + wireless earbuds would be absolutely amazing.
Please blizzard, help an old curmudgeon out.
Mils Dogg