Video Driver issue

I recently downloaded the Diablo Hellfire expansion pack, but when trying to launch the game it tells me that I need the DirectX 2.0 or 3.0 video card. Is my computer too new to play the game on it? Please help, I love this game and have been waiting for it to be available on the site for several years now. Thanks in advance.

Usually, launching the game’s .exe file directly from the installation folder will eliminate that error and after that first launch, should allow you to use the launcher too.

There are other problems you will need to fix. You may get into an update loop and/or not be able to play on

There’s patches available for each issue that has been tested by several of us here and works.

It says Warcraft 2, but there’s Diablo 1 Patches too. When you unzip them, choose the Diablo installation folder.

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I don’t have the disk version, it was the digital download from The first patch won’t open for me, the other versions, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Did you launch the game from the executable at least once like mentioned? That has been known to clear the DD/DX error and allow the game to run from the launcher. (Depending on your system, you may need to install DirectX 9, but I’d wait and try the fixes below first.)

Next, to resolve the many graphical issues the game has, you need “Patch #4” from the github page. It’s a “zip” file, so once you have it, you need to extract the files within. Then place the four extracted files inside the Diablo and Hellfire installation folders. That’s all, just place them in there and that step is done.

If you want to play D1 on Battlenet, you’ll need “Patch #1”. It’s also a zip file. Once extracted, run it. It won’t look like anything happened but that’s normal.

After that, D1 and Hellfire should work fairly normally.

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I will try that for I was able to get it working by creating the desktop shortcut and changing the properties as mentioned in another thread. Thank y’all very much for the help.