Vanguard Upgrade

I was wondering on if there was a way to upgrade now. I did not realize I had bought the Standard edition when I wanted the Ultimate.


yeah i have the same exact problem and cant find any information on if there was a deadlin for when you can upgrade because i saw the upgrade page a day or two ago.

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It is sad when NO ONE responds.

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I did the same thing… I’ve talked to two game masters and unfortunately they are unable to upgrade anyone to ultimate. It was outlined specifically by activision to not allow it. I had already played for multiple hours prior to realizing my mistake so they weren’t even able to refund me so I could re-purchase the ultimate version of the game. The blizzard game masters I spoke to were great and didn’t seem to like it just as much as us. One of them requested that we post in the forums about it and maybe if enough people make mention of it, activision will change this.

Part of the game master response

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If for some reason this option became available in the future that article will be updated with more information, I honestly wouldn’t count on that too much. The developers have no plans to do it from what I head so far. However, I would like to invite you to bring this to the forums, hopefully if enough people make this request this will be taken in consideration, you do it on this post for example:

<can’t post link>

Seems kinda abandoned, I know… but I will be sharing for more posts! (ง •̀_•́)ง.

I definitely hate being the bearer of such news, and I know this wasn’t the best answer to hear.

All things considered, I do hope you have a great day.“

Part of the response from the other game master

I had a read of your issue with upgrading your version of Call of Duty: Vanguard, and I’m sorry that you are finding yourself in this situation!

Unfortunately it is intentional that you are unable to upgrade your Vanguard account, that is a choice Activision made when adding the games to