Using English (UK) changes nothing?


So I’ve noticed the word “favourite”(s) is spelt “favorite”(s) in every single instance it appears in Battle net, when you are using the English (UK) language option. I can count at least five different spots it appears. That then made me look for more instances of US English, and sure enough, there are more. In the app settings, “minimise”(d) is spelt “minimize”(d) every time it appears.

I genuinely can’t see any evidence that that English (UK) actually changes anything from English (US). I wouldn’t really care if US English was the only option, it just seems weird that we’re given a choice that doesn’t seem to do anything? I’m Australian (hence being on the US forum), so I always pick the UK language option if offered, since it’s more or less the same as Aus English.

Anyway, just thought I’d point this out. Thanks!