Upgrade of a legendary gem failed

Dear all,

yesterday evening, February 20, 2024, I managed to obtain a legendary gemstone “Spark of the Void” in 4/5 star quality from Elder Portal.
I wanted to upgrade my legendary gem “Spark of the Void” from 3/5 star quality to 4/5 star quality.
Unfortunately, an error happened or it was a bug and my legendary gem “Spark of the Void” was only upgraded to 16% and didn’t get 4/5 star quality, even though it was displayed that my gem got 4 star quality. Now my 4/5 star quality Legendary Gem that I got last night is gone. This happened yesterday evening 02/20/24 around 10:15 p.m. And I used a smartphone when I played.
Is there any chance I can undo this? Cannot find a technical support form to talk directly to a person, not a bot…
Best regards
Duilin, server “Vizjerei”

I am sure that here a stuff will respond to your question shortly, but I am not sure that they will be able to undo it, but they will surely give at least a gift.