Updating. Updating. Updating

Every time I open my Battle.net app it says it’s “Updating”. Super annoying


I noticed this also.

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Same here. There was a in-app notification that said:

We are aware of an issue causing the Battle.net App to repeatedly update some games and are working on a fix.

However, the notification is now gone but the issue still persists with all my games.

Typical scenario:
Launch client
update available!
update game
play game
close game
update available!
update game
wash, rinse, repeat…


Still happening. Any update on fixing the repetitive updating?

Can confirm I’m still experiencing this issue.

Still not fixed, updates every game every few hours. Annonying.

yes. I have not been able to play any of the games I have due to this issue. I open Battle net app. hit the big blue button that says “play” the app bounces in my doc (yes I’m on a Mac) but then just sits there. now HOTS and Hearthstone do the exact same thing.
my WoW sub went through and so I’ve paid for yet another month of not playing. that’s cool.