Update process to battle.net Windows client not working?

the folder [ Battle.net.14132 ],
has been the same version since it last downloaded an update on May 1st for me…
so today I uninstalled battle.net and installed battle.net client for Windows 11. and its still the same version above… something is not right as there has not been any new updates despite the client telling me an update was downloaded and restart to apply.
I have even switched to beta client and its only 1 version ahead,
v2.20.1.14133 beta
and folder [ Battle.net.beta.14133 ]

and it some time tells me there is an update to apply but no new version is downloaded?
just [Battle.net.14132] for the release channel.
Is it a bug some where?

so what is going on with the Battle.net client these days, Blizzard?

I just noticed a battle.net client update available this morning at 5am or so when I just woke up… but as per my above report… it didn’t actually update anything.
the client is still on beta [Battle.net.beta.14133]

edit 3:
I got the next update just now…
from beta [Battle.net.beta.14133] → [Battle.net.beta.14198]
from release [Battle.net.14132] → [Battle.net.14197]
so idk why or what was happening before when it said there were updates to download/install but no new folders were created.