Update for Classic

something really weird is happening to my Battle.net. There was an update for WoW Classic (I still have it), but the problem is when I start Battle.net app, my PC freeze total and after a few minutes it restarts. Can someone help me please?

Thank you!

Same here. Not sure what I can do to fix it.

Same, battle net keeps crashing even after reinstall

Same here, pc keeps crashing everytime i log in to battlenet .

Sorry to say it, but I am kinda glad that is not just me, because my pc is new and almost though my SSD doesnt work properly.

We have abother post regarding this and Blizzard CS is aware. Seems to specifically be affecting the launcher itself. Some of us have sent our DXDiag to help blizzard tech support resolve this issue

But somehow on my old laptop, I dont want to say his parameters, because its embarrassing , It works perfectly.

Hey all,

We’re checking this out here. Please try the options in this post and send the information we requested if it fails.

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