Update Agent makes WMI Host Provider Consume whole CPU

The battle net update agent seems to be having an issue with the WMI Provider Host which is causing the WMI Provider to slowly consume all available CPU time over the course of a few hours. Killing the process and its child processes fixes the issue and leads me to believe this is the cause of my issue, but I am unable to run Battle Net games without said processes. Is there a known fix for this issue?

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I also noticed this. It didn’t happen, at least not noticeably, until right around the diablo 4 beta. Ever since then, I could be in any game for some period of time and notice my fans getting up to speeds they probably shouldn’t be, maybe some weird hiccups in the game. If I then alt-tabbed out, I could see the wmi host provider using up a LOT of cpu depending on when I caught it. I’ve had it using 100% of every core.

For a while I couldn’t figure out what was causing wmi to do this. Not much in event viewer. I even reinstalled windows, then put steam and battle.net back on, and of course it came back. I eventually went digging with process explorer and noticed update agent had a newer pid than it probably should have, so I exited battle.net and wmi backed off almost instantly. I thought that was a bit odd, so I started battle.net back up and wmi shot right back up to chewing through cpu.

Now obviously we can just fire up battle.net to update and start the game we want to play then have it exit, but that isn’t really a solution here.

Is there some way to enable logging for battle.net? I’d love to get this fixed.

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