Unprofessional policy of Blizzard Gear Store. Blizzard Gear Store customer feedback

Inspired great 2019 presentation I wanted to order some merchandise related to Overwatch and Diablo.
So I ordered overwatch hoodie and diablo sweater M size both. I always wear M size but in this case M was really big for me. It wasn’t shipping label for return inside package and I called and asked to create return shipping label for me. (I planed to order S size).
But I realized that Blizzard will charge me for return!!! It is really worst online shop what I ever used. If we compare with amazon and nike I always can free return item cuz of cause I can’t guess 100% that the item will fit for me base on the picture! But if I want to return it I need to pay!!!
So think twice before order Blizzard merchandise cuz you have only pictures on the website before ordering. And if you do not like it or it does not fit you be prepared for extra charges. I do not recommend to buy anything here.