Unknown Permanent Ban

Ok, as the title says I got a permanent ban on my account (not this one) that I think was supposed to be a temporary one at best but then progressed to this stage. I sent a support ticket when my digital purchase failed to go threw twice. The first time I thought the problem was that the shop was having problems like it said in a tweet they have on the screen at the website so I tried again and this is when I sent a support ticket when it failed the second time. Support got back to me and said it’s possible that the reason that it failed was because of false information that I put in for my card and when I checked it turns out I put my new address in instead of my old address which like they said made it false so I understood that part and in the support ticket it also said about how they escalated the cause to the payment team to get the account lock resolved. I waited and I did get my money back atleast so I checked to see if my account was no longer banned cause it says it will be locked until the transaction gets repossessed but nothing. So I sent another ticket about this issue and they said that it’s been escalated already and is waiting to be reviewed and told me to please wait a couple of days and that they would send an update once they got to it and so I waited for it and when 6 days have passed, still nothing. So this time I asked for information about what even is the problem and what’s happening with also asking for a specific length for when I could go back to playing Cold War zombies. The ticket for this said that it won’t be unlocked and to play cod I would need an entirely different account. Do I’m just kinda bugged how it went from supposedly a temporary ban that already got fixed to full ban. So I sent an appeal about it with the pictures from all the emails and the last one I got was that it’s a final decision so I can’t appeal it. Like how could it just switch from a temporary problem to full on permanent ban and no appeal with not a single bit of information of what’s going on and yes I know they don’t have to tells us anything. I’m just trying to spread this out cause that’s just wrong.

Though its not happened to me I can fully understand your frustration. Loosing an account on a small error imo is a headache. You loose all games progress and everything. hope they fix it for you.

You need to read the forum code of Conduct. Discussing account actions is not permitted on the forums. Posts are removed when they violate the forum rules. Derailing a thread about to interject your different issue, and re-posting moderated content, is also against the forum rules.

If you have issues with a person on the forum who violates the forum code of conduct use the flag option to report that post and let the moderators deal with it. If a post is upsetting otherwise (but not breaking the rules), use the Ignore feature (which you are familiar with based on your removed post).

If behavior occurs off of the forums on a platforms such as Twitch, Blizzard has no jurisdiction over that. You would have to deal with Twitch on that after utilizing the tools Twitch gives for channel moderation.

You will want to ensure both you and your “legal team” read the EULA

The Dispute Resolution Policy in force referenced there is here

Your legal team will need that.

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His situation is related to a Billing issue where he said he used false information. That is something he needs to resolve privately between himself and Blizzard.

Interjecting your own issue, as you noted yourself, is not related.

You were not suspended or banned due to a Billing issue. You do not have issues accessing a Blizzard game or account.

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They are nothing alike.

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If you want to only discuss something with your private friends group use a tool that is made to do that such as FB, Twitter, or a Blogging service.

This is something you will need to work out privately with the Support team. Blizzard Blues can’t discuss account issues which require your personal information, via the forums.

The normal thing that happens is that when a purchase fails the content is locked until a person re-purchases it successfully.

It sounds like you have had several reviews by the Billing staff. If a Billing discrepancy was determined to be fraud that might be grounds to perm lock the account. I don’t actually know as that is something Blizzard keeps private between themselves and the player.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. We in no way represent Blizzard.

Ok I’ll try them again, but I fixed my address part and stuff when the support member told me to and they said it was final, that’s why I kinda feel wronged when it was just a incorrect address. Thank you

I hope they can unlock your account, I agree it was a small mistake. Imo it should not have resulted in a permeant ban since you loose access to all the games you play progress and any in game purchases. Again that’s my opinion

Again hope they unlock it for you.

Yeah I also agree with your opinion even in the thing said until the transaction was reprocessed which it was and I atleast got my money back from the failed purchase. I’ll try and update and see how it goes.

Edit: Turns out blizzard has the authority in their agreement that I got done reading that they can suspend or terminate your account with or without a reason, and anything pre purchased or bought doesn’t have to be refunded by this agreement either so go figure with that.

Also I’m going to leave this post here so anyone that meets the same unfortunate thing I did knows how sucky it is and also learn what I did wrong so u don’t get your account permanently banned too. Take care out there