Unique item drop sucks

Your drop rate for ubers are non existant , at this point Blizzard Devs you can have this account , just did over 70 and Duriel runs nothing fell not one unique dropped, so why bother even playing

Nothing about what you said is a technical support issue. And im willing to bet youre not talking about Diablo 2… which what this forum would be used for.

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no i misspoke i meant to say the drop rate on the ubers is a damn joke some people get everything and then ther e are someof us who get nothing but screwed this game sucks because of this

You did a bit more than misspoke :slight_smile: . You posted in the wrong forum for the wrong game. You posted on the Tech Support forum for Legacy games like Diablo 2 (2000). Issues with installing it and getting it to run.

If you want to give feedback about a game, you need to post on the forums for that game. I assume you want one of the modern Diablo titles like Diablo 4.

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