Unfair prices of subscription for colombia

Third try to post this on the forums, first time on the store feedback.
This is a traslated repost of a discussion on the LATAM forum made in 2019, talking about the unfair prices that we here in Colombia are paying in order to play WoW. Here you are the original post (In Spanish): (h ttps://us.forums.blizzard.com/es/wow/t/precios-en-general-de-wow-expansiones-y-suscripciones-en-colombia/70 81) Values may vary by 3% to 5%.

"Hi, good morning. I saw a thread about this but it is very old, we can even see the site from which the forums have been moved and blah, blah, blah…

The post is a big long so I warn you right away… every time the GMs take to analyse this would be very thanked and welcomed.

The forum doesn’t allow me to add pictures or links, so I had to take out the format. But you can copy the URL onto any browser to see them.

Well, let’s get to the point.

I’ll have to explain many things to put you into context about the prices that are handled here, which are very high compared to other countries like Argentina, Chile or Mexico.

Before someone appears (like I saw on other thread) saying “We all pay the same everywhere”, no buddy :3 we don’t pay the same.

Let’s start with this: The minimum wage at this moment in Colombia (2019) is of COP$ 828,116 (Pesos) (We all handle here in “thousands” of Pesos). The minimum denomination coin nowadays is of COP$ 50 (Pesos), the highest one is of COP$ 1.000, and then the bills start, from which there are one of COP$ 1.000 but equeals exactly the same as the coin of COP$ 1.000)

These are the values of the bills handled in the country:

COP$ 1.000
COP$ 2.000
COP$ 5.000
COP$ 10.000
COP$ 20.000
COP$ 50.000
and the highest one which is rarely seen

Which means that the current wage are 8 of these

“COP$ 100.000” (Which anyways is rarely given from the ATMs of the country lol)

one of these

“COP$ 20.000”

and one of these

“COP$ 10.000”

And that would be the minimum wage (You can see the bills even in a video of Luisito Comunica (Famous Mexican YouTuber who travels the world) if you are interested: -> (h ttps://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=aEcxexL5sPY)

An important fact is that the minimum salary here is equal to between USD$ 250 to USD$ 254 (Dollars).

We have here IVA, which in simple terms are the Taxes, which are included. It is something fixed which at this moment (12/26/2019) is at 19%… which is really high… and there’s a rumour saying that the government is thiking of increasing it even more, to 28% (This is because the videogames are taxed the same as the gambling machines or media). :roll_eyes:

So, in this order of ideas, I leave you with pictures of the Colombian Store, showing “Time of Play” and the current expansion, which is BfA.


(htt ps://i.imgur.co m/kEgcs8M.png)

USD$ 15 (dollars) rounding, for a month are equal to 2 days of work with a minimum wage in Colombia, which are more or less COP$ 50.000. I leave you screenshots of this as well with the currency converter of Google (You can look it up for yourselves as well).

It is worth saying that when we speak of days of work here, they are days of 8 to 12 daily hours (In USA this is pretty normal because the goal is to achieve approximately at least USD$ 100 (dollars) daily, right?, this means that a month of WoW can be paid with 2 or 3 hours of work in the worst of the cases)

(ht tps://i.imgur.co m/ZndF1OB.png)

That would leave COP$ 500 (Pesos), meaning 1 coin of the value I said above. COP$ 500 (USD$ 0.14) of two days of work.

And speaking of purchasing the expansion for example :zipper_mouth_face:

(http s://i.imgur.co m/jTtefiY.png)

Without including the discount at this moment, it would be USD$ 50 (Dollars). In pesos that equals COP$ 163.837 (Pesos), which are three days and a half of hours of work in this order of ideas. We would be paying here almost four times the cost of other countries like Argentina. I take this one as a example, because that was the one which “impacted” me the most when I saw this article and a friend of mine who is there sent me the current prices.

(ht tps://worldofwarcraft.c om/es-mx/news/20130364/cambios-en-los-precios-para-world-of-warcraft-en-argentina-chile-y-mexico)

So, I took the freedom to review the Currencies and I was “stunned” because a month in Argentina costs USD$ 3.52 (Dollars) vs. USD$ 15. The difference is very remarkable. I know there is a “crisis” in Argentina and that was the reason why this modifications were done, but well… Colombia has been in crisis for like 100 years or more, and well, there are many advantages there. For example, education is free in Argentina and we have to pay for it here in Colombia (Depending on the income).

A month doesn’t even costs USD$ 5 (dollars). If that was the cost here in Colombia (Or at least a lower one), almost everyone (for not saying everyone), could afford the cost of a subscription (at least people speaking of people who earn a minimum wage.

I’ll leave some screenshots showing the current prices:


(htt ps://i.imgur.co m/bV8neHU.png)

210 ARS are equal to USD$3.52 (Dollars). Here the Google Currency Conversion again:

(htt ps://i.imgur.co m/21IrZIO.png)

And taking into account the salary in Argentina:

(htt ps://elsalario.c om.ar/Salario/salario-minimo)

This page, the current minimum wage (12/26/2019) is of ARS$ 16.875. So ARS$ 210 of ARS$ 16k (1.31%) is not that much and are easier to invest (Compared to… COP$ 49.500 from COP$ 828,116, which is the 5.9%).

Converting ARS$ 210 to COP$, would leave us COP$ 11.602 (PESOS). Seriously, every person can afford this. I’m putting this into simple terms:

(htt ps://i.imgur.c om/J2y49D3.png)

According to the site above, we in Argentina and Colombia work the same hours, which are 48h per week.

With those ARS$ 11.602 (Pesos argentinos) you can use the massive transport system, known as “bus”, 5.5 times. With this amount you can buy a gallon and a half of gas. For every person who uses a motored vehicle, it is somehting affordable. Buy trying to equilibrate things, we could pay here at least COP$ 20.000. Compared to COP$ 50,000 it is a whole lot of a saving and people would gladly pay it without remorse and less people would complain.

Now, the current expansion BfA:

(ht tps://i.imgur.c om/rwqIKON.png)

Rounding, it would be ARS$ 800. Well, it is a bit of a high price, but it is more understandable taking into account that it is the expansion (Base version, not deluxe and without discount)

(ht tps://i.imgur.co m/RJVyyMH.png)

Being this the case, there would be 2 days of work, as I mentioned above. You could pay the current expansion and would leave you with a bit of money.

I think this is enough.

All this can be summarized in that in Argentina, people are paying USD$ 3.52 (Dollars) for something that in Colombia (being the same thing) costs USD$ 15. It would be amazing that Blizzard could review the prices based on this or on their own research. Anyways, all this data is real, that’s why I left screenshots and URLs. It would be amazing that the prices could be modified as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that the conversion to Dollar from Colombian Peso, had never been so high since Bush left the presidency.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

I would like to know the opinion of other users of this country to see what they think of the prices. (…)"

Here I’ll list the prices of Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and the US, you compare. These are the prices updated as of 2021.

Country Minimum Wage (8h / 6 days a week) Subscription % Expansion (base) %

United States USD$ 1,392 (Federal MW) USD$ 14.99 1% USD$ 39.99 2.8%

Colombia USD$ 257.96 / COP$ 908,526 USD$ 14.99 5.8% USD$ 39.99 15.5%

Argentina USD$ 293.04 / ARS$ 25,920 USD$ 3.73 1.2% USD$ 24.87 8.4%

Chile USD$ 452.34 / CLP$ 326.500 USD$ 10.94 2.4% USD$ 27.43 6 %


Mexico USD$ 1,023.45 / MXN$ 20,404.8 Approx USD$ 12.54 1.2% USD$ 40.13 3.9%

And this message is for you fellow players:

Please let this go up or try to make them realize that this game is really expensive to play down here, it would be of much help if they could update those prices as soon as possible. We’ve been paying a lot since the Dollar went up and our currency started to devaluate.

They have an advantage on doing this. All the people in private servers would migrate to the official server and would gladly pay, meaning they would get more or the same income.

I’ll leave a link of a better chart:
(htt ps://twitter.co m/SolidMetalGun/status/1360653951474020352/photo/1)


Since we can’t use foreign credit cards in the Argentinian Store now make it so we have prices that are fair . Brazil pays 5 usd Argentina 3usd Colombia we pay 15 usd and in dollars not COP.

Argentina Battle net Accounts Payment Policy Change

Heads up blizzard just change their policy and all cards not in Argentinian Currency are now being declined. Ive been in contact with support I live in South America just my country forces me to pay 15$ ( I cant afford this )a month unlike in Argentina the only country in South America that offers fair prices to us natives. So my account is Argentinean and i was supposed to move to Argentina before the pandemic started.

" GM ---------here hunter extraordinaire spec’d into hunting down problems ! Thanks for contacting us back, Due to new payment regulations that came in 2 days ago its been causing problems for any card trying to make ARS payments unless they are native to that Currency, this is not something we are able to bypass ourselves so if you are using your own bank account you should be fine for payments :slight_smile: "

I hope blizzard finds a solution since for many of us legit players from LAN this is the only way we can afford to play wow since 15$ a month is too much money for the LAN community.

I tried with 5 Diffrent Credit card 4 Visa and one mastercard.

The silliest part of this is that the other payment method they accept is PAYU which is the method that allows u to pay with the currency of the specific country only for example Rappipay which u print out a receipt and go and pay in ARS or with PAYU with an Argentinan Credit or Debit Card.

TLDR u cant pay with a credit card Argentinan Blizzard accounts anymore . My brother payed for a faction change 2 days ago but he wont know if his card will be declined next subscription iam out of luck since mine ended 2 days ago i also tried his card did not work. Blizzard please take my money