Unfair Georgian Exchange rate

I see that you’ve introduced Georgian currency, but it’s so unfair because we now have to pay twice as more than before… Why are you doing this to people who are already struggling economically? Inflation rate here is higher than it’s ever been… Reduce the prices and introduce a much fairer exchange rate… These prices are absurd, one game costs more than a whole months worth of food and supplies…


prices should be reduced by at least 30% to be in range of reasonable and fair for Georgia …


yeah i agree its so unfair. as of now it costs 34 lari and in Ukraine its 30lari around the same with Russia. Ukraine’s average salary is higher by ~$100 then Georgia but it has lower value. on the other had Russia has much higher average salary and value then Ukraine but they get the same price. and its to be noted that Georgia’s low population has a decent impact on average salary.
Not sure about getting a 30% price reduction but at least we can get similar prices, even a 5lari gap changes a lot. knowing that Georgian warcraft community is tiny and most of us know each other through social media groups and Guild discord servers many play on private servers and a part of the community is trying to get them to play retail with us for modern experience but sadly thats impossible because many just cant afford it.


That is true. It’s a shame, because this game is so incredible and no doubt it would be way more popular if it were cheaper… It has such a small community in Georgia, I am yet to find another player besides my close friends. Please Blizzard, listen to the community and reduce these prices, so many more can actually play the game… The prices must be within reason, because the country is already struggling and you can’t expect us to pay 100 Lari for an expansion + 35 Lari a month for a game, when that’s half a salary here sometimes…


literally as i said in my other post 1 month sub for wow costs more than 1 month unlimited super fast internet in Georgia - how is this fair?


the superfast internet is 100mb/s and we cant have faster then that.

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Its too expensive for us to pay per mounth 34 gel


In Armenia cod mw price is 145 gel~20000 dram
before this change it was 2000 rub~14000 dram
Why our payment is georgian and why it is so expensive?


whos idea was it for Armenia to have Lari? everything’s so unreasonably done its just unfair.

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