Undocking of friends list

i will fully admitt when i saw the patch note today with the title explaining you can undock your friends list now i was so damned excited i did not read on how. i figured it would be a check box in my settings or i just simply “move” it. niether are working. you do not have this patch that popped up when i launched battlenet listed anywhere on your news. latest post is july 15th WoW update. so its not like im able to just read the news post. the dumbest and worst forced UI move i have ever seen. i dont know a single person that liked the change, your forums support this. took you months to change. you cant even update your own news section of the website. typical standard protocols of all gaming companies. you are no longer the respected beloved blizzard we all fell in love with. stop trying to act like it. you do not have the leeway anymore. not a single person is going to say “well this is how blizzard is doing it, so it has to be good” ever again.

oh, yes. i found it. very logical spot. not in your app settings at all. that pointless “friends settings” button on the top of your friends list next to SEARCH. yea the one that lists all the settings that ARE IN UI SETTINGS that nobody ever has a need to change on the fly warrenting such a quick easy access button. yea that button. press that. as that is the ONLY place this undocking thing is listed. months top fix. and we got a fix that feels like it was actualy done in a drunken hour at 2am. add the option to the actual UI settings? maybe? just logical stuff ya know. add the option to the system tray icon maybe? ya know. actual spots people will look. just a thought