Unable to update to patch 1.14.d

Hello, I decide to come back to Diablo 2 and brush up before D2R and I’m on Windows 10. I install both the games from battle.net patch 1.14b client. I load up the game and click on battle.net gateway to update to the 1.14d version and i get the error “Unable to Identify Version, Battle.net is unable to identified you application version.” I’ve tried running it as administrator and that does not help. Anyone have any solutions or ideas for me to try?

Hey Darklurch,

Try manually patching to 1.14d. You can find that patch here.

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Thank you, I’ll try that real fast.

Page not found. I get the same error. If I need to patch manually, please let me know where I could learn to do that. Thank you.

The manual patch has been removed. But…

You can right click on the game launcher and Run As Administrator.

Another method is to go into your Diablo II folder and look for a file named…


Launch that if it’s there.

If it’s not there, just keep logging on until you see the patch loading. Then check that folder again for the BNUpdate file.

At this time, there is trouble with the servers so it can require many tries to succeed.

Indeed, it seems thae patching page was removed recently. It seems to have been replaced by this support article, but unfortunately, it doesn’t contain the manual patch.

I did leave some feedback that it would be beneficial to have the manual patching option back.

Change to a different Realm/Server.
This will fix the unable to identify version.
When connecting to a different realm or server the update will proc to 1.14d.
Now switch to the server you want to play.


CheeseNuts method works, switched to asia’s bnet, and fixed it!


Changing Gateway worked for me as well, but only Asia. I had previously tried US East and Europe which didn’t work, so I never tried Asia. After reading Cheesenuts’ post, I tried Asia and battlenet opened and updated game client to 1.14d

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Thank you, CheeseNuts !

All these confusion and CheeseNuts managed to get it fix using the simple “choose a
different server” and try connecting again until one of them works. Once patch is updated…switch back to your original server and enjoy!

Thanks CheeseNuts