Unable to uninstall Destiny 2

So I have realized that Destiny 2 on battle.net is taking up 82gb of hard drive space currently. There appears to be no proper way to uninstall this because destiny no longer shows in the battle.net program and if you use add/remove programs then the Blizzard uninstaller throws an error BLZBNTBNU00000006 which leads you eventually to some botched method telling you to just manually delete the files in the destiny 2 folder. This is quite frankly ridiculous and unacceptable. What about the windows registry and the miscellaneous files in other folders. That is what a PROPER uninstaller is for!! Also I do not want to hear that this is not Blizzards problem because it is your problem. The game was installed using YOUR launcher.

I have to say this is pretty unprofessional on all accounts and not what I’d expect from a AAA developer. I comprehensive solution (ideally a proper uninstaller) would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’am trying to unistall Destiny and I ran the same problem, is incredible that Blizzard solution to that is to edit the register file manually, come on, why you guys didn´t do something earlier to remove the game from your store?


Having just run into this - I found the uninstaller I use for getting rid of Extra registry files (Revo uninstaller) worked fine getting rid of this. Set it to advanced. The uninstall will error, but you can select continue on Revo. This will let you remove registry files on the first screen, then on the following screen where they display “Leftover files,” it should show all 80gb~ of the Destiny 2 files which you can select and delete with Revo.

Still crazy that there’s no way to uninstall it outside of just deleting files though!

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I come from the future guys, let me tell you, Blizzard still doesn’t give a crap, I have the same problem and I came across the same “delete the folder and find a way to fix the leftovers yourself, we don’t care” non-solutions.

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It’s really sad to see how this company treats his customers. They are well aware of the problem, but just don’t care. This will make me think twice, wether to install a Blizzard Game again. You just don’t know if you’re able to unistall it in the future… Thanks for nothing.

This is so annoying. How can a company as large as they are not have a solution? Is it incompetence or do they not care?