Unable to speak to someone

Im unable to login, I was banned and blizzard obviously didnt do any fact checking or game file log checking or w/e because its saying i was banned for selling boosts/carries. I’ve never done this. I need to speak with someone as today is the final day for me to do a mythic +15 and mythic raid to get more gear, its going to be extremely unfair if im unable to get these items because blizzard was too lazy to look into the facts. its a 24 hour ban and its outrageous, i pay $15/month so i can play the game while abiding by the code of conduct… then this happens… now im going to lose out of 475 pieces because of blizzards neglect to actually look into things before throwing out a ban. Please some one find a way to contact me, im unable to do a live chat, theres no phone number anywhere for blizzard. This is extremely unfair. I have never broken any rules in this game and this needs to be addressed with the understanding that if im unable to get my weekly stuff done then blizzard will be responsible for giving me the items im missing out on. I pay for this service and its not fair that im unable to use it due to blizzards laziness. How can one be banned for something without even lookin into it? doing any research? checking any game files? logs? anything??? do people just randomly get banned all the time for no reason??? im so confused