Unable to send any friend requests - can only receive

I can no longer send any friend requests on any platform. I have already been through all your support articles and troubleshooting steps. Your support staff was very unhelpful and told me to post here, the void, where it looks like I likely won’t even get a response, let alone a resolution.

On iOS I get the error ‘Request didn’t go through. Try again’.

On android I get the message ‘Oops! Something went wrong’.

On PS5 the request just doesn’t ever go through.

There is something wrong with my account. I bought diablo 4 and now I can’t play it with people. This is a GAME BREAKING bug and kills my desire to play. I hope there are actually developers reading this.

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This is happening to me right now. On Xbox I can’t send starting from about 6 hours ago. I tried logging in on my phone and I it gives me an error.

I was using discord to find groups to play with so I was adding and removing a lot of people on the regular so I can only think that I’m timed out/realm downed but regardless I can’t find any groups now


I have been having the same issue for about 5 days. Noticed the pop up on the top left corner when you sent a friend request for diablo 4 not showing up on the ps5 so i downloaded the app. Everytime i try to send a request i get an error on the app too. Hopefully they acknowledge the bug or whatever this is. It is basically impossible to find groups unless you already have people added.

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i was stuck like you and now i have solved this problem.

  1. download desktop battlenet application then click (view friend sent request).
  2. cancel all the old friend pending request.
  3. your back to normal and you can enjoy diablo 4 like normal.
    your welcome

The problem was your friends request got jammed up so you cant send or received any invites. cancel all the pending request and you will be back to normal…


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Having the same issue on Android. I cleared out enough sent friend requests to where I can send requests on desktop, but not mobile

Im having the same issue on iOS, desktop and xbox … except nobody is receiving mine and im not receiving theirs. It really sucks when you’re a part of a community on FB and you wanna run NMD or Uber bosses with people but you can’t because nobody can be friends!!! PLEASE FIND A FIX