Unable to save single player file

Got my D2 (2000) LOD up and running and my new battle.net chars seem to be ok. However, on single player, I can only save a file on a new player ONCE. All additional runs, no matter how far I advance, can’t be saved. In my d2 saved games folder on Win10, only the first save with time/date show up. Is there a fix for this?

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Sounds like a possibly a corrupt save, a permissions problem or possibly an issue with your user account profile.

1: If you haven’t already, try reproducing the problem. Try moving the charname.d2s file somewhere else temporarily, then creating a new character again. Exit the game, start again, do a few things and exit again, check and see if the changes saved.

If this works, then the original charname.d2s is likely corrupted. You could be looking at file system issues, or possibly even a problem with your storage device and/or RAM if this is the case. This would be more true if you experience occasional system crashes/bluescreen errors.

2: Run the game as administrator. Right click your Diablo 2 shortcut, choose properties. Switch to the compatibility tab, check “Run this program as an administrator”, click Apply. If your user account is not an administrative account, you’ll either need an administrative account to make your account an admin account, or you’ll need the credentials for an administrator account each time you run the game.

3: Create a new administrative user account, play Diablo 2 from it and try to recreate the problem.

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I will give it a whirl and feedback. I have tried new chars but no joy. The admin sounds promising.

Maybe your Windows is set to create those files automatically as Read-Only files. Check the Properties of the file and see if the box is checked.

maybe you need to search for it in the user file and make sure its there, you might have to move the save game file to a new folder.