Unable to rename characters - currently broken

Hope everyone is doing well during this crazy time.

As I write this at 1:09am on 7/8/2020 PST the Diablo II character rename function is no longer working. The message says the following:
Request Error

Your request has not been completed.

A character with the name _____ already exists.
[Click here to retry]

It seems to have broken a few days ago right after the 8+ character slot issue was resolved. I’ve tried this with names that don’t yet exist and am able to create a new character with the said name I’m attempting to use with no problem, but it’s ANY name on the d2-character-rename link that Blizzard sends that isn’t working.

Hopefully this is an easy fix for you all. We all know the code on this game is a bit dated, but that’s part of the reason we still love it :slight_smile:

Just tested…as of this posting, July 12, 2020, the command function…

/rename-character confirm

is working for me on USWest ladder and non-ladder.

Should have specified I play USEast.

Each server has it’s own things but try this again on USEast and you’ll run into the same issue. I’ve renamed my entire account over the span of several months and never had an issue until now. It only seems to be East players running into this issue.

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VOUCH :smiley: Doesnt work!!! Blizzard Halp plox!

Thanks blizzard for not replying at all. Appreciate it