Unable to remove authenticator - Support refuses to care

So I lost my old phone, and have been trying to get support to help remove it so I can recover the account. But they are beyond cluelessly dumb.

I had to create a new account just to post here.

I submit the ticket, with all the info they could need. But they tell me to LOG IN and provide the answer. Silly me, let me LOG IN and provide you those detai…I CAN’T LOG IN!!! DID YOU NOT READ?!

I even have my old serial number and restore code from before it moved to the current version, though its useless now. I have information on a purchase I made, APPROXIMATE time of my first Wow char, like, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

Are the support agents that dumb, or do they just not care?

Create a new ticket, reference the 1st ticket where they asked you additional information, and provide the answers to as many questions as they have asked.

They are trying to make sure that you are the legitimate owner of the account… and not a hacker.

Nothing can be done on the forums… this needs to be sorted out with tickets.