Unable to get help or open ticket

Trying to change my phone number - but it sends a confirmation code to the old number (which I don’t have anymore which is why I’m trying to change the phone number). When I go to support it tells me to just change my phone number. When I click on “I still need help” it takes me right back to the - just change your phone number loop. I don’t ever get the option to open a ticket or email support. Obviously I CAN’T just change my phone number. HELP!

Hey Danae,

If this support article doesn’t help, you can submit a support ticket under Account -> Can’t Login -> Update Phone Number. Here it is for easy clicking:


Ok will submit a support ticket. I already explained the support article didn’t help :wink:

I’ve been trying to get some Customer Support for over 3 weeks now. Haven’t heard a peep from them.