Unable to contact support (cannot login + reply to a ticket)


Last month I tried to log in to my other account (created it to play with my son), but the process was unsuccessful because I didn’t have access to my Authenticator anymore (it was on another mobile device I reset). I managed to send a support ticket to Blizzard to remove the Authenticator by answering a bunch of security questions.

A couple of days from that I got an email from noreply@blizzard.com (Nov 22) requesting a photo of a driver’s license and a link (URL) to respond to my ticket. I followed the link to the ticket but it required me to log in. However since I don’t have access to the Authenticator (which I’m trying to remove) I was unable to log in and respond to the ticket.

So I send another ticket with the request to remove the Authenticator plus explaining the fact that I cannot respond to their tickets because I cannot log in to my account. Couple of days after that I got another email from noreply@ in which they requested detailed information about physical game codes, previous emails etc PLUS a link (URL) to respond to my ticket. Apparently they didn’t read my ticket message in detail…

So I send another ticket with more details and a section written in CAPS to point out even more the fact that I cannot respond to their tickets because I cannot log in. A couple of days after that I got an email from noreply@ with a request to answer a bunch of security related questions; transaction IDs from purchases, date of birth etc. BUT, in the message there’s NO link (URL) address to respond to the ticket, only “Copy the entire section below and paste it in your reply to this ticket.”.

So, I responded straight to the email message (even though it was from noreply@) with the details and also a photo of my driver’s license. Now, more than a week has passed, but I have not heard from them. Since the answer was sent back to noreply@, I’d suspect that nobody will even read it…

Technically I think my problem is that since the lost Authenticator is currently the only authentication method option tied to my account, I cannot use any other means (for example SMS) to authenticate when logging in.

So, how can I contact Blizzard support and respond to their tickets when I’m unable to log in and access the ticket?

You need go to the ticket and re-open it then send the info. If you can’t reopen, include the old ticket number in your new ticket you make so the GM who gets it has reference info.

They really don’t do email.

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Thank you! I’ll try to open a new ticket with a reference to the previous one.

No response on password reset. Almost 4 weeks and nothing.