Unable to claim Twitch drop

I have Twitch and Battle.Net connected, yet I am unable to claim a drop I received for Hearthstone. On Twitch, I can click “Connect to game to claim” but I am already connected to Battle.net. I’ve tried to break the connection, wait for 8 days and reestablish the connection to no avail.
What am I doing wrong?
//Novaree (TarjanAbe on Twitch)

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Tips to fix the Twitch Drops “Error occurred drop was not claimed” message
Log out and back into Twitch.
Ensure necessary game accounts are linked.
Check to see if the item is limited to new accounts.
Check the game and Twitch’s social media channels.
Keep an eye on the stream’s chat.

Rachel Gomez

I have the same problem. Cannot claim Twitch drops even though I logged out and back in , and I have been connected for a long time. I never did get the little harvester pet, Ichabod. Said it was an error with the code I was given. Never got any response that I could see from Blizzard. Frustrating to waste my time.

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