Unable to authenticate with oauth.battle.net from Azure

I am working on a personal project practicing my UI skills developing a Blazor C# PWA Web Assembly application that is backed by an Azure Function App for data services.

The key focus for this issue is my Azure Function App / API hosted application. I am unable to authenticate with oauth battle net from a deployed Azure Function app hosted in Azure. However, I can run the exact same code on my local development machine and I am able to get a Bearer token back from the auth services. I have run several tests and various debug sessions and I am fairly certain that the Blizzard OAuth servers are denying requests with a response HttpStatus of 403 for any Azure Function App hosted in Azure.

I have some example code that can be cloned from my GitHub @ “MCLifeLeader/SolarianLeague”

“GitHub dot com/MCLifeLeader/SolarianLeague/tree/BlizzardAuthTest”

The branch “BlizzardAuthTest” contains the example code under the file path: “\Src\BlizzardAuth\BlizzardAuth”.

You can clone the repo, grab the branch, update the source files with valid Client and Secrets along with a Valid BearerToken to test the code locally and then deploy it to a consumption based Azure Function app for testing. There are three tests:

  1. Blizzard OAuth Request (Works local / 403 from Azure)
  2. Data Request (Works local and from Azure)
  3. Simulated OAuth Request 3rd party endpoint (Works local and from Azure)

I am hoping that a Blizzard dev / support person would be willing to review this and hopefully either let me know that I’m doing something dumb or if my theory is correct, grant requests from Azure data centers for Azure Function Apps.

Thank you for any help.