Unable to access ticket created without account

Alright, This is prob the best place for me to share this.

I’ve been trying to login to my account because i wanted to play some overwatch with a buddy of mine. Thing is, I’ve lost the password to the account, and i cant access the email used.

I put in a support ticket (while not logged in) and then went to bed. I woke up this morning, check my contact email, and there’s a response, great!

Thing is, i cant access it without an account. Isn’t that the issue we’re having? I created this account solely to try to receive help on this. I feel like if I create a ticket without an account, i should be able to atleast access the ticket without an account.

This is frustrating and at this point the amount of hoops im jumping through is too much for a few games of OW. But at this point, i just want my account back.

If at the very least, THIS account can be allowed to respond to the ticket, i’ll be happy. I would also like if i could respond to the ticket via the email that was sent to me (which the email address is, might i add, different from the email used for the account i want to access.)

Any help would be nice.

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I ran into the exact same issue last night. I did reply to that no-reply email anyways but it’s probably not going through. I am trying to update an email address for a friend of mine that lost access to his account. The support website is not easy to navigate either.