Unable to Access Game Statistics

Unable to access ‘Overwatch Profile’ when logged into Battle.Net through not only the website but also the app. This also affects websites such as TRN and Overbuff. All 3, including the Overwatch Profile, say 404 Profile Not Found. I have changed my password, tried to use the app and have already reached out to Customer Support who said it was a website issue, not a profile issue. I can play Overwatch 2 without any issue but I’m unable to get my stats through the website, app and 3rd party websites such as TRN (website & app) & Overbuff.
As stated before, I’m able to log into Battle.Net through the Website and App and can see my own personal information such as name, email and passwords but I’m unable to obtain my game stats through either & other websites. I’m only then met with 404 Profile Not Found.
This issue also affects a website that the Game Master gave me, that is also meant to report bugs on a forum but never loads and keeps saying 404 Page Not Found, but luckily, he also directed me to this website.