Ukrainian payment

Good afternoon. I live in Ukraine. I want to renew my WOW subscription for 3 months, the price is 839 UAH, and when paying with a card, the store will withdraw 919 UAH.
I ran into a double conversion problem.
But the problem of double conversion is on the side of the store, not on the side of the bank. My bank did not let me make a purchase because it was double converted. And I had to enable double conversion on the card in order to renew my WOW subscription, and I paid 64 UAH more than it should be, which is equivalent to 2 USD.

“The amount indicated on the site is UAH 839.0.
The amount that would be debited from your card is UAH 919.23.
The difference of UAH 80.23 arises from the double conversion between the rate of the bank servicing the store and the rate of the payment system.”

Many players from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Turkey have faced this problem. Why do players of these countries have to pay more than indicated?


Same story. Blizzard are engaged in fraud. I have subscriptions to netflix, spotify, google - but none of them can afford double conversion. Shame of you Blizzard!


Why in other stores, such as Epic Games Store, prices in UAH are real?
The price there is in UAH.
I pay in UAH.
I have as much UAH deducted from my bank account as it is written on the price tag.
Blizzard, why isn’t it the same in your store?

I also faced with this problem
I think it’s because Ukraine is included in Russian region so they are making payments using ruble, bloody ruble
Blizzard, you need to fix your payment provider and choose Ukrainian
Also the price is too high
If you will check usd/uah rate you will see that price will be lower - just because the scammy ruble and it’s unreal price