Twitch Drops in Diablo 4

I don´t understand how are Streamer choosen to have Twitch Drops for Diablo 4?
There are Streamer on the List who have never streamed any Diablo Contend an Streamer who have Streamed nearly every Diablo Content with nearly 100 Vivers in every Stream like BobiversumTV, A Streamer I watch very often I´d like to support is not on that List.


true! missing bobiversumTV on the list. Please put him on the list.
Thank you


Same, I feel like only the Top Creators got on there and the rest got filled up with random channels that don’t even stream Diablo, if at all. BobiversumTV makes great and helpful content for beginners and veterans alike and has quite the big following on Twitch. So leaving him out of the Twitch Drop program is pretty unfair in my opinion. Same goes for people like VenomousLuci, who are putting in hours and hours into streaming Diablo 3 and 4 and would deserve a spot on the list


Laber doch nich, mach an hier die Schüssel!
BobiversumTV! Lets go


I also had a look on the list provided and the selection of streamers seems quite weird and random.
I fully understand, that the top D3 and D4 beta streamers are on there, but in my opinion, also the smaller ones should be added there.
Especially the smaller ones like BobiversumTV, who are twitch affiliates should be more supported.
They would need the additional subscription more than the big ones.


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take him to the team


Change the List with Streamers who stream in last Time Diablo content and got Partnerprogram to receive Abonements, others one are worthless…


Let’s say one thing first: it it already a strange way of providing a twitch drop not by just watching a stream but for paying a subscription. I will not say it’s greedy from Blizzard, cause in this case, I don’t think Blizzard gets any profit from it. And I’m also not so sure if the idea of payed drops comes from the game developer or from Twitch/Amazon.

However, streamers get support through drops as due to this they will problably have more viewers than they would have without the drops. And this is absolutely ok.

But that viewers have to spend money for subscriptions, there it starts to get odd.

Especially if this is for streamers which are already absolute top streamers like Wudijo, Baskenator, Jessirocks (they are probably not really in need for support, but it’s ok, I would not take that away from the list as they do excellent work).

So how about small and middle size streamers? Well as I said, with drops just for watching them, they get already support and maybe even new permanent viewers which means future channel support.

What annoys me here, that it is expected to spend money for the drop for streamers I don’t even know and don’t even know if I would like watching them in the future (Don’t get me wrong here, I watched already unknown streamers for drops and there are even some, I still watch because I like their content). Furthermore as some of the mentioned streamers do not even have Diablo content on their streaming list but Diablo streamers with good Diablo content like BobiversumTV, CoinSpin, VenomousLuci, xxxSHLxxx, Jagilan91 and others are not on the list. And this is, what really annoys me. If I want to support a streamer with money, then please for someone who streams Diablo and I want to support with subscriptions for their content.

I don’t know how it was decided who gets on the list and who not. Googled it and the information is not very obvious. Some information says "The requirements were anyone that streamed in the last 6 months D2/D3/DI and the D4 tests. " and they got notified. Well, back to the list, how comes that then there are streamers on the list, which have not any Diablo content on there streaming list but streamers who streamed Diablo like hell, some for years now, who have high quality content, even some have on top, very good content and guides on youtube, are not on the list?

I would kindly aks if there is a contact for them so that they could apply to participating for the paid drop too and be on the list.

It would be really very nice if a responsible admin of the forum would be so nice to supply an answer.