Trying to change phone number

Trying to change phone number as i no longer have access to my old one, have access to email and everything else, have had a ticket open for 3 days, sent all the asked for info i could give, even a picture of my ID and still no reply after the first reply days ago. This account has only been logged into on one pc, and it makes no sense. Paid 60$ for a game i now cant use bc Support takes forever.


I have this EXACT issue. I cant even log into Warzone…a free game i have been playing since it launched, because of it. I know this has happened because i pre-ordered MW2, and that is one of the games on the list but my Warzone account is old and its not listed. The insane ticket times are not a good sign. Its worrisome that they care so little about their customers. A week? The wait times are a week for a 5 minute solution. Its absurd. I love COD but this kind of treatment really makes me want to find a different franchise not attached to Blizzard to play.