Trust levels need overhaul

The entire trust mechanic in HS forums needs complete overhaul. Its a complete mess. I have been a veteran poster for eons and because of one post that gets reported I lose trust 3 and posting pics priv for a year? What the eff? Meanwhile Bliz support wouldnt even tell me in my latest infraction where I messed up so I have no idea what I did. Trust level 3 is too hard to get and too easy to lose. Fix it up folks.


I completely agree. The criteria to get to trust level 3 are nearly impossible to obtain. There is not enough traffic to the forum to generate new threads (that aren’t obvious trolls, or reposts of something trivial), because the devs prefer to post on Reddit since there’s more people there. And there are more people on Reddit because that’s where the devs post.

Also, there hasn’t been an MVP ever since the new forums went live.