Trouble installing app Windows 11 was working fine for years than suddenly today it crashed and I get an error PC is not supported by this app or something within windows 11 when trying to restart from crash.

I have uninstalled and attempted to reinstall, but I get stuck where it says Continue as the button is nonfunctional.


9700K. 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz, RTX 3080 10Gb.

I even had an issue right before in D2R where the game suddenly froze for 10 seconds with repeating sound followed by all NPC audios being missing and then the game crashed about a minute later.

I tried to post a DXdiag report, but it exceeds the 9,900-char limit by about 4500.

While this is late AF, and in the wrong forum, you probably need to delete the folders inside the User directory after you uninstall the client.