Trouble getting battlenet to download d2 the orignal and LOD

I have no images or files to show. I buy the two old d2 games and it says download battlenet which is already on my system for d2/r. I see the update bar and when it hits 100% it simple ends without prompts. I look in Battlenet for some option to activate or download the game and nothing…No support numbers and the case won’t complete without a file or image download… it’s a new pc with windows 11. Help!


The old Diablo II does not use the same Battle.Net App than the more modern games use (such as D2R); it uses its own version.

There is information on how to download and install Diablo II (2000) and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction here:

If you need more help with the installation of Diablo II (2000), you can use the dedicated Legacy Games Tech Support forum.

Cheers !


Thank You so much! I managed to get the first part of the game with your help and will likely get the LOD working now. I guess I had to turn off a D2/R game to finally get it to finish the patch but It worked! Thanks again Boubou! “finally we may rejoice”.

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