Troll help please

I wish I didn’t have to sit here and type this message, I’d rather be playing games but I have no choice. For last 12 months I have been getting trolled everyday I’m online. Internet bully with nothing but hate. No matter how many accounts I block or ignore he makes a new multi account. Just to troll me. Is there anyway you can either warn this person about the consequences of harassing another player or just ban his cd key all together? Because no matter what account he’s on the CD key he uses it will still be linked to his account.

I have been saving up screen shots as evidence of my claim. I hate to have to do this but looks like he will never stop. Something has to be done. You wouldn’t allow such behavior would you? The game should be a good community with players playing the game. Not coming online to start spamming me 25+ messages all toxic hatred.

Player: *************…and soooooo many more.

Thanks for your time I really value it and appreciate the game masters for looking into this. I wouldn’t ask for help if I had no other option trust me.


Hey there,

So one of the main rules we have on our forums is never call anyone out directly on the public forums. The forums are not for reporting player behavior and this particular forum is for community based troubleshooting of Technical Issues affecting our Legacy Titles like Diablo II: 2000 or the Blizzard Arcade Titles.

Most of our games have an in game reporting system and ignore system. If someone is harassing you and bypassing those in game functions by making multiple accounts your best course of action will be to report the issue directly via ticket.

You can click on your name at the top right of this page, click support, then click contact support for more information on those safety features and how to submit a ticket for players that bypass those functions.