Transmog Issue in WoW

I am having issues with transmogs, after I switched Covenants. Not only does the old covenant gear not show up in transmog, and i understand blizzard is working on this issue, BUT the biggest issue is I cant transmog at all on my Hunter Toleris-Smolderthorn. All his gear is transmogable, but it still will not let me do so, i followed all the suggestions Blizzard has put on the troubleshooting guild, renamed cache, re installed game, turned off all my add-on, this issue is only on my hunter. i can transmog on all other characters. Could i please get some help. The poor guy looks like a hodge-podge display.

Hey Tahl,

This forum is for discussion of the old Warcraft 2. It sounds like you want the World of Warcraft forums which can be found here.