Transfer games to new pc

I got a new PC, how do I transfer my games (diablo 4) to the new computer? with steam you can backup and restore to an external drive. is there a way to do this in bnet?


I’d try the Diablo IV Tech Support forum – there might be someone there who has already done that.

I suspect you can copy the D4 files from your current PC to the new one by using an external drive and copying files with Windows File Explorer. I’m unfamiliar with D4 but with D3, there are files under “Documents\Diablo III” – screenshots & preferences/profiles; D4 might be set up in a similar fashion.

It’s possible that the Battle.Net App won’t pickup the new files for D4 on your new computer, but you can force it to look for them by clicking on the “Scan for Games” button under < Settings / Downloads >.

Correct. That works. It is exactly the same for all modern Blizzard games. The only thing saved locally is the preferences file for settings - which you don’t want on a new computer as it will have different graphics, etc.

To install Bnet games on a new computer there are two ways to do it:

  1. Download and install the Bnet Desktop App Download for Windows and Mac | log in using your bnet email/bnet password - then select the game you want to install and hit Install. It will download the game. Your save files are on the game server.
  2. Copy your game Directory from C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo IV (default location) to an external drive. Walk over to your new PC and paste those files into the the same location on the new computer. Then download the Desktop Application same as above, and near the Install button will be an option to find it on the computer. Use that option to tell the Desktop app where to find the game.

That is all there is to it. You can put Blizzard games on as many computers as you want. You just can’t log in to your Bnet account from more than one at a time.

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