Tranmog sets for sale

just an opinion. The art work on the transmog sets for sale are great. I have no criticism about the artist. They are not what i would buy to put on my character since its more of a combat environment. Sure a little polish and flash are welcome. They are themed more towards a neo-modern Peter Pan revival if you’re into a Peter Pan-Frozen mash up. The fascination with fitting pea green into an outfit seems like it is forced. I generally wont use anything with green in it unless I’m forced to. Green in an armor set coupled with a Peter Pan/ Frozen theme is unappealing.
On a side note,
Would it also be possible to provide a link to submit our own artwork to deepen and widen the pool of creative ideas you already have. if there is such a place, it is not obvious at all. The labyrinth i went through just to find this was a pain. Have someone who is unfamiliar with the game and it’s forums find their way here and post something.
if they can do it with relative ease then i submit that i am stupid…i had trouble getting here.

2 quotes i enjoy,

-If you judge a fish by how well it climbs a tree it will spend its life thinking it’s stupid

-You can’t solve a problem with the same logic that created it