Total lack of players in group finder

If you’re going to force 4 man groups, give us more servers to get players from. I find it hard to believe that only 15 people want to do dungeons in this game and are using the dungeon finder for Hell 2.

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I agree. The requirement of 4 people for Hell 2 has turned into long wait times to run dungeons. I much preferred the Hell 1 mechanic. Waiting around for finding players has significantly crushed my desire to keep playing this game.

There really needs to be a cross server dungeon party function for off peak times and for people who might want to run something not featured on the weekly extra drop rotation thing.

Given how a lack of expected events, communication, and F2P players getting squeezed out of acceptable progression without paying for it, expect a reasonably large fall off in population. This needs to be addressed with how content is run, as it becomes increasingly more difficult to find people to group with as these free players are deterred from playing via boredom, which is sad honestly.

Either blizzard needs to start acting like they care and do events, modify the unacceptably slow legendary gem progression for free players, ad meet the already low expectations for events in a mobile game (at least lets try to meet industry standards here) or they need a cross server LFG system before the servers die off.

The problem is that they already do some cross server stuff. I’ve been matched with people you can’t inspect because they aren’t on your server… or something like that.

I dont believe this is the case, they have separated servers for sure, as everyone i ever find in my paragon range is the same pool of people, with on server guilds.