Tos and its affect on games other than wow

Here is how blizzard/ are shooting themselves in the foot and hurting customers at the same time. I will use my case as a perfect example. I have a family of pc gamers who family share a ton of games in steam. Its great as it works as if we where on console if I’m not playing a game I can let my son play. But TOS restricts so much about account sharing and for the sake of wow that when I bought cold war to play I didn’t think much of it now that I’ve been playing it less and my son wants to play it I cant allow him to play it as that would violate TOS and put my wow account with years of gameplay at risk. So customer service is left with no tool to separate these games from one another. in the end it turns into spend full ticket price of a game for every player on Separate accounts for face that ban hammer. Way to care for the customer blizz.