Torghast API available or will be?

My question is:
Is Torghast API available, or will be for WoW API ?

Couldn’t find anything related to Torghast in the API reference.

Was wondering how WoWHead did their “Today in WoW” section. Is it from API, or manually selected? Same with renown?

WOWHead is using this. Basically, they’re asking people to collect data for them but do not provide an API so that people can access to these data :thinking:

I actually worked on the Torghast Wings section of Today in WoW. Indeed we use the Wowhead Client application and addon so some players can collect data while in-game, then send it to us. We can then share that info with everyone via our website.

Alright, smart solution when there’s no API.

Thank you for your answers and help :slight_smile: