Too Much Change!

The what? Past few months. I have noticed small icon changes, changes to, and changes to Forums’ entire layouts. Let me please just start by saying that. The new crap looks horrible. The old icon for Blizzard launcher was way more advanced looking and eye-catching. I want it back. Now it looks like something from a crackerjack box. I don’t know who is in charge over there? tripping over wires they need not be tripping on. When you change too much we cannot identify what we are clicking on and are worried that maybe a hacker is in changing stuff. Nowadays I’ve noticed blizzard not understanding their player base but now it has gone too far. I think I will have to blame the Activision taking over I guess on this one!


Blizzard is dead. Look up for the new Mike Morhaime company for that old blizzard feeling.