Tickets - Unable to open [BANNED]

I just found out my account was BANNED. I have NEVER [NEVER] used a hack/cheat. I can’t find a way to talk to a real person… and when I try to appeal the site says " Something went wrong on our end" … Can someone PLEASE help me here???
The only program I have ever used is Raw Accel… and all this does is make my mouse use a LOW DPI when moving slowly and a faster DPI when i flick or move my mouse quicker… this didnt even help me or work… so i stopped using it… and this was mabye a month ago or longer now… Please tell me what is going on!? All my skins and hard work is gone. Can anyone help!?

There need to be changes for account bans. The policy is very poor. I just got banned after 16 years or so of playing wow. Only recently (since people abuse reporting ) I was suspended and then banned. I slipped up during the game getting mad but those times were very minor and suspensions are ok actions. But to out right ban accounts with out being able to apologize or talk to someone directly about the issues to come to a better agreement and reduction of punishment, is bad. People should have an easier way to be unbanned.